30 Shades of Grey Hair

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50 SHADES OF GREY HAIR - 129 Signs You've Dyed And Gone To Hell!

Let's celebrate the memory losses, the menus with microscopic lettering, the herniated discs, the hair transplants, the receding gums, the racks stacked with "Easy Fitting" jeans – on second thought, let's NOT!

Did you believe moisturizers and massages and meditation classes were going to save you? Forget about it! (as they say down at the Alzheimer's clinic).

Every little pain, every little twitch, every little word you can't see without reading glasses is a BIG SIGN of things to come. But the good news is – there is no good news! You old fart, you are SO gullible!

Therefore (if your tear ducts are still functioning) get this volume and simply weep – with laughter, that is. Since laughter is the best medicine for combating the effects of getting older – next to Botox, of course! That's right. This is the book that puts the FUN back in funeral!

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