Don't Just Wing It

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- What To Know BEFORE You Go

Say it loud – You're Dead and You're PROUD!

Because no matter who you were on Earth, now you deserve to LIVE IT UP!

But as a newly arrived angel, you don't want to just wing it. You don't want to be FLAPPING around for several million years getting your bearings.

After all, death is the greatest transition you will ever make – outside of moving to Omaha.

What about Heaven? Forget about it!

That USED to be the destination of choice, but today's Lifeless Trendsetters have found a much BETTER place to go after they go.

And we'll tell you exactly HOW to get there.

But don't expect our advice after your funeral. The best time to plan for the next life is NOW.

So avoid any grave mistakes. Get this hilarious guide while you're STILL alive. It's the right book for those who haven't left...YET!

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