Doom With A View

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- What's HIP For The Apocalypse!

Don't take the Apocalypse personally – because it will be an EQUAL opportunity annihilator.

Doctors, dentists, arsonists and lawyers will all be in the same boat as you – namely the Titanic!

Though the entire universe will be pulverized into cosmic dust, that's no reason to become self-pitying and sullen. So relax, have that extra piece of cheesecake. Calories DON'T count in the Apocalypse.

In these pages, we'll not only prepare you to meet your Maker, but tell you where to make reservations and what to WEAR.

After all, this will be a bigger night than the Oscars. Not only will all the stars in Hollywood be going out, but all the stars in Heaven TOO!

This is the LAST word on surviving these last days! Find out how to eat for the Apocalypse, exercise for the Apocalypse, meditate for the Apocalypse – even make LOVE for the Apocalypse!

That's right. There's a big, wide, wonderful world out there – one that can EXPLODE any moment! So get your sweaty little palms on this survival guide right away!

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