Heaven Can't Wait

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- Chicken Soup For The DEPARTED Soul

There are two types of people:

The Living Dead and The Dead Who Are REALLY Living!

Therefore hop aboard an Astral Plane. Every seat is First-Class and they always DEPART on time!

As a Post-Deceased Tourist, you won't have to put up with scanners at airports, lingering around crumbling train or bus stations or waiting for a cruise ship to land at some rip-off port-of-call.

Our Certified ASTRAL Travel Agents will book you to the most fabulous destinations ever conceived. Haunt the haunts of the Rich and Famous.

Just because you're invisible doesn't mean you can't make the SCENE!

So cancel that personal trainer. Give up organic food. Gain weight. Get this e-book and always remember:

The Best Years Of Your AFTER Life Are Still Ahead Of You!

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