How To Be Funny When You Owe Money

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HOW TO BE FUNNY WHEN YOU OWE MONEY - The Ultimate Guide To Driving Creditors Crazy!

The phone rings. Your palms break out in sweat. You've heard that voice before. Not once, not twice – but DOZENS of times.

There's no doubt about it. This voice is determined to terrorize you for the rest your sorry DEBT-RIDDEN life.

You tried to play it straight. You tried to meet your OBLIGATIONS.

And where did it get you? Right to the end of your rope!

They've driven you crazy. Which means you deserve to drive THEM crazy. Get EVEN for what they've done to you and reclaim the phone as your own!

In this humor-packed book, you'll discover tons of wacky strategies to drive creepy creditors and collections agencies PSYCHO!

So stop hanging up on them. Because now it's time to give them all the HANG-UPS!

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