How To Love Being Miserable

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HOW TO LOVE BEING MISERABLE - From A Real M.D. (Manic-Depressive!)

Misery loves company. So if you're miserable, you've got LOTS of company! The figures are in. Miserable people are the highest growing demographic across the country.

Best of all, being miserable is an equal opportunity DOWNER. You can be rich, you can be poor, you can be black, you can be white – you can even be BEIGE.

But face it. You've probably been fighting your misery. Because you believe having a joyous existence is your BIRTHRIGHT and you've been taking yoga classes and seeing therapists for thirty-five years just to prove it!

What a waste! Go from bliss to PISSED! From rapture to RUPTURE! From content to MALCONTENT! From jubilation to HIBERNATION!

Now doesn't that fill you with EXHILARATION!

So stop crying and start trying this hilarious advice today!

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