Peace, Love, and Prostate Exams

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PEACE, LOVE, AND PROSTATE EXAMS - From Feelin' Groovy To Feelin' Grouchy!

It's no longer The Woodstock Generation.

It's The Woodstock DE-Generation!

But with lasers and liposuction and collagen and Botox and all those other treatments created for our eternal rejuvenation, we've cheated death.

And we will continue to cheat death, even if it KILLS us!

In these amusing pages David Samson (who actually WENT to Woodstock!) explores:

  • Why LSD Now Means a Low Sodium Diet

  • The Beaded and Braided vs. Tattooed and Mutilated

  • The Reason "Hot Flashes" Are NO Longer Strobe Lights

  • How Our Parents Gave Us a Military-Industrial Complex

  • Plus Tripping In The 60's vs. Tripping ON Something in Your 60's

But despite all this we should just pause and reflect and take a moment to rejoice. And in these heartfelt stories, Funny Guy reveals EXACTLY why!

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