Say Your Purrs!

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- Fabulously Fatal Uses For Felines

Create a major CATastrophe! Turn your cat into a CATacomb, CATamaran or CATalytic converter!

Transform pussy into a PURRcussion Instrument or bottle of PURRier. Even send kitty to PURRgatory!

This illustrated CATalog reveals how to create a truly PURRfect world including:

  • How to construct a Cat-A-Pult

  • When and how to wear Purr-Fume

  • Shipping your feline off to Cat-A-Lina

  • Awarding your pussy the Purr-Ple Heart

  • Plus all kinds of other Purr-Verted Stuff!

Remember your cat may have nine lives – but you DON'T!

So have an absolute FUR-BALL and get the one book that doesn't PUSSYFOOT around!

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