Sex, Lies, And Social Security

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SEX, LIES, AND SOCIAL SECURITY - From Free Love To Free Viagra!

When Alexander the Great reached 65 – he'd already been DEAD over thirty years.

For back then citizens were so preoccupied having tummy tucks and facelifts and vacation homes and midlife crises by age 14 that they often failed to plan adequately for their golden years.

Sound familiar? David Samson feels your pain – mostly in his lower back. And here delves into:

  • Getting The Clap vs. Getting The CLAPPER

  • Why Killer Weed is OUT and Weed Killer is IN

  • Twelve Step Programs vs. Climbing UP Twelve Steps

  • Why Saturday Night Fever is NOW a Urinary Infection

  • Plus Why Retirement is Not a Milestone – It's a TOMBSTONE!

There's no debate. This book is perfect for those who feel the older they get, the better they WERE!

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