The Joy of Depression

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THE JOY OF DEPRESSION - Overcome Your Optimism NOW!

Depression is much more than a state of mind – it's a TOTAL way of living!

"Why fight it?" That's what millions of Americans and people around the world are saying. Those much like yourself, who are SICK of trying to find a so-called "meaningful" existence.

Teachers, doctors, dentists, arsonists and lawyers have all discovered that depression is the PERFECT way of coping with the stresses and strains of modern life – plus it's so EASY to get into!

David Samson, a NOTED psychotic, teaches you how to eat for depression, dress for depression, exercise for depression, the exciting history of depression, as well as the games depressed people play.

And you can be a terrific SUCCESS story too!

Come on – give depression a try. For after reading this hilarious volume, you'll NEVER leave your room again!

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