The Middle Age Of Aquarius

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THE MIDDLE AGE OF AQUARIUS - From Hippies To Artificial Hips!

Over 78 million Americans including Donald Trump, Diane Keaton, Barbra Streisand and OJ Simpson can't deal with getting older, so welcome to the club, you FORMER flower child! Here David Samson explores it all:

  • Why Being a "Hippie" Now Refers to Your Thighs

  • Secrets of Getting Emotional (And ARCH) Support

  • Why Club Med Has Turned Into Club MEDICARE

  • Drugs of The Sixties vs. Drugs Taken IN Your Sixties

  • The Male "Mid-Life" vs. The Female "Mid-Wife Crisis"

  • Plus Why Love Is NO Longer Blind – It's Visually Impaired!

But most of all, with honesty and hilarity, he probes relationships between parents, friends, lovers and spouses. This moving work presents a unique perspective sure to touch the hearts (and funny bones) of young and old alike – how GROOVY!

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