The O'Really Factor

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THE O'REALLY FACTOR 2 - Totally Unfair And Unbalanced

In this second book of the hysterical series, this outrageous commentator still has The RIGHT Stuff!

Bill O'Really is committed to fighting FANATICAL terrorists, particularly from The Middle East – The Middle East of America!

"Send those drones over Vermont and Massachusetts – that would serve those liberals right!

Bill pulls no punches. He says the Ku Klux Klan should adopt a highway – but only pick up WHITE Trash!

He supported Mitt Romney because he was Mormon – "Hey, I wanted to see the first President with potentially SEVEN first ladies, okay?"

Bill also favors abortion, but JUST for Democrats – whose mothers should have the right to terminate them until they're 45 years old!

Listen – want to get the facts right? With this hilariously illustrated book, you've finally come to the RIGHT place!

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