The O'Really Factor

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THE O'REALLY FACTOR - Liberal Doses of Conservative Humor!

Bill O'Really is the man who's always right – FAR right!

In these totally outrageous pages he reveals his views on everything you can possibly imagine – plus lots of things you CAN'T!

  • Al Qaeda or Al Gore – Which is WORSE for America?

  • The Rights Of The UNBORN To Bear Arms

  • The Homeless vs. The VACATION Homeless

  • Why Gun Racks Are BETTER Than Wine Racks

  • Deporting EVERY Illegal Alien – Back to Neptune

  • Politically Correct Sex – With BOTH People On Top!

Get the book guaranteed to bring the house down – plus the SENATE!

Because when it comes to skewering liberals, Bill O'Really is the RIGHT man for the job. So DON'T be left out!

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