Tweets From The Devil

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Now you can go to Hell without being DAMNED!

Murray Satansky is HOT under the collar and he's not going to take it anymore. Not from God, Pat Robertson, or anybody else!

Before Twitter, before Facebook, even before Anderson Cooper, what happened in Hell STAYED in Hell. But no more!

Because now Murray candidly deals with the burning issues of our time and has HEATED opinions on every hot topic you can imagine, plus a LOT you can't – from Brad Pitt to the Bottomless Pit!

Using his wicked sense of humor, Murray tweets about Food in Hell, Dating in Hell, Religion in Hell, Cars in Hell, even Celebrities In Hell!

Murray reveals his Devil-May-Care attitude about life, liberty, not to mention the pursuit of UNHAPPINESS!

Want to get all fired up? Then get Tweets From The Devil. It's the HOTTEST e-book ever published! (Plus the pictures are Hellish!)

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