Who Drew Up God's Will?

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- The Most UNHOLY Questions Ever Asked!

Imagine the funniest questions you've ever heard. Now imagine them illustrated in the most outrageous ways possible.

You CAN'T imagine it!

Introducing the most UNIQUE approach to humor you've ever seen. Each page is actually a work of dazzling art. You'll be AMAZED at how questions like these have been illustrated:

  • Can Kosher Meals Be Served On ASTRAL Planes?

  • Do People Into Phone-Sex Have More HANG-UPS?

  • Does Prince Charles Work Only on a ROYALTY Basis?

  • Should Cowards Be Allowed To Eat HERO Sandwiches?

  • How Many Inches is The Supreme RULER of the Universe?

There's NO question about it. If you've been searching for original comedy, this book is the ANSWER you've been looking for!

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